When considering purchase of a vehicle with almost 300K miles some education may be required for a buyer to appreciate the value he or she would be getting.   At the bottom of this page is a price sheet of camper vans sold over the years 2010 through 2018 by GoWesty, a California firm specializing in van camper restorations, parts, and repairs.  This list of sales comes from their website at    Also on that site you will find current listings of vans for sale by owners.

A couple of examples of the Eurovan potential longevity can be seen at another site dedicated to campers –

My Eurovan is in excellent condition inside and out.   The sink was never used, the outside water sprayer was used twice.  The furnace was tested and working but never used (I lived in California and Arizona).  The two burner stove was used twice to heat water.   Aside from a couple of summer vacation trips the van was used to commute to work and take noon naps.  The transmission was replaced by a factory new transmission.  The engine is original.  It does not burn oil or engine coolant.   I recently had it inspected at  Berge Volkswagon in Mesa, Az.  They found nothing that needed repair.     Curious about the cost of a new engine in the event it was needed I asked the service tech while it was being inspected.   They gave me a price of about $7000 but then found no new engines are available.   I then called an auto repair shop I found reference to on    I asked about having the engine rebuilt.  When I said it ran well and didn’t burn oil he said it may be a long time before it needs any repair and if it did it might only be to replace the timing chain.   When I  asked about a full rebuild price he said it would be $4700 and take 5 working days.

With my price of $23,000 you will be getting a very fair deal.  It may or may not run for thousands of more miles before needing engine repair.   But assuming the worst, for $5000 you will have a total of $28,000 in the only full camper that can be parked in your garage.

If you are interested in a test drive please contact me at

Awning Extended


Front And Left Side


Right Side Interior 1

Right Side Interior 2

Seats Rotated With Table

Sink Stove And Table

Table In Back Position



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